water transport and spray tanks

100 – 13,500+ litres storage capacity

Our transporter tank range is designed for constant highway use and tanks greater than 300 litres are heavily baffled to reduce surge. The tanks are available with separate compartments, custom sumps and can even be insulated for fish transportation. The tanks are food grade and can be used for transporting potable water. All tank frames are quality Duragal steel and are designed and manufactured on site.


Models and Specifications:

Models and Specifications:

TP22 100 .700M X .550 X .440 HIGH
TP50 220 1.200M X .570 X .520 HIGH
TP130 600 1.380M X .920 X .900 HIGH
TP200 950 1.200M X 1.200 X .900 HIGH
TP300 1350 1.650M X 1.180 x 1.140 HIGH
TP600 2750 2.270M X 1.680 X 1.160 HIGH
TP1300 5750 3.260M X 2.330 X 1.150 HIGH
TP1650 7500 3.260M X 2.330 X 1.400 HIGH
TP2000 9050 3.260M X 2.330 X 1.700 HIGH
TP3000 13500 4.900M X 2.330 X 1.700 HIGH