Parabolic Tanks – FRP

5,000 – 20,000+ litres storage capacity

The Parabolic design is very popular and is used in most prawn hatcheries. This space efficient hatchery tank design has excellent water circulation qualities and provides total drainage into a sump or raceway. Lids are available and priced on request and these tanks are available in a wide range of colours. A variety of outlet sizes and designs are available. Air pipe brackets are also available and quoted on request.


Models and Specifications:

Models and Specifications:

PG2500 2500 2.650M X 1.750 X 1.200 HIGH
PB5000 5000 4.0M X 1.750 X 1.200 HIGH
PB10000 10000 6.0M X 1.800 X 1.400 HIGH
PB11000 11000 7.5M X 2.400 X 1.000 HIGH
PB20000 20000 7.5M X 2.400 X 1.540 HIGH
PB10000 Insulated lid To suit PB10000