3,000 — 15,000 Litres Carrying Capacity

Our all new Liquid Load tank are second to none. The Liquid Load range are fully engineered and comply with all Australian load restraint regulations. This sets the range in a category of its own!

The tanks are fully baffled, self-draining and ready to bolt down to your chassis. If you are serious about transporting liquids then Liquid Load by Ajay is your answer.

Transporter tanks are not new for Ajay Fibreglass as we have been manufacturing our original range of liquid transporters for 33 years so the many years of experience brings you peace of mind.

Models and Specifications:

Models and Specifications:

LL3000 3,000 Litres 2500mm long x 1700mm wide x 1100mm high
LL5000 5,000 Litres 3000mm long x 1800mm wide x 1200mm high
LL8000 8,000 Litres 3150mm long x 2240mm wide x 1700mm high
LL10000 10,000 Litres 3820mm long x 2240mm wide x 1700mm high
LL13000 13,000 Litres 4480mm long x 2480mm wide x 1700mm high
LL15000 15,000 Litres 5100mm long x 2480mm wide x 1700mm high