Low Profile Range – FRP Chemical-Treatment Tanks

2,000 – 30,000+ litres storage capacity

Our low profile chemical/treatment tanks are manufactured using the latest Vinyl Ester resin systems and barrier coat technologies, and are used mainly for water treatment plants and industrial applications. Each tank is specifically designed and manufactured to suit the chemicals to be stored and the relevant conditions. A comprehensive range of flanged FRP outlets and backing rings, inspection manhole (side and top entry) , level indictors and mixer mounts are available and quoted on request. A complete engineer design and certification service is available to comply with the relevant Australian standards.


Models and Specifications:

Models and Specifications:

CFB2000SQ 2000 1.400 DIA X 1.800 HIGH
CFB3000SQ 3000 1.700 DIA X 1.520 HIGH
CFB5000SQ 5000 2.050 DIA X 2.000 HIGH
CFB7500SQ 7500 2.600 DIA X 1.800 HIGH
CFB10000SQ 10000 2.600 DIA  2.400  HIGH
CFB20000SQ 20000 3.500 DIA X 2.2 HIGH
CFB30000SQ 30000 4.270 DIA X 2.4 HIGH